A little illustration I made for the lovely team over at The Welcome Garden with some cuttings from the garden. Grow it. Pick it. Give it! 

We found this little guy sprouting near the poppies in our garden. Does anyone know what it is?

This mornings harvest! Ready to be delivered to The Salvation Army.

Harvesting some delicious Silver beet!

Some beautiful lavender from our garden! 🌷✨

Our chocolate mint plant is sprouting! 🌱

Regram from @alexiswinter these little paper pots are currently housing our lovely strawberry plants. Can’t wait to get them planted!🍓✨

Some beautiful artwork we received from one of our very talented Welcome Garden volunteers, Nicole. This is an illustration of her home grown lemon tree! Thank you, Nicole! 🙌

The last of our radish harvest ready to be dropped off at the Salvation Army! 🍃

Paper pots made by our lovely student helpers, ready to be planted once it gets a little warmer! ☀🍃

A hefty crop of (more!)Swiss Chard ready to be harvested and delivered to the Salvation Army! 🌽🍆🙌


Our Radishes are ready to harvest! 🙌

Harvesting the last of the olives for pickling! 🌚

Some lovely Marigold, to repel any unwanted pests from our garden! 👍🌼